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Citizenship issues

Acquiring citizenship of the Republic of Kosovo occurs in various ways, as regulated by law in the Republic of Kosovo:

1. According to reported residence in the Republic of Kosovo;
2. According to birth in the Republic of Kosovo;
3. According to marriage with a Kosovar citizenship;
4. According to marriage with a Kosovar emigrant who has Kosovar citizenship;
5. According to the recommendation of the competent body, according to Article 10.3 of the law on citizenship;
6. According to citizenship of parents;
7. According to adoption by parents;
8. Re-acquiring Kosovar citizenship (after loss of Kosovar citizenship by release);
9. According to article 29 of the Law on Kosovo Citizenship;
10. According to naturalization of a member of the Kosovar Diaspora;
11. According to international agreement.


Loss of citizenship by release

All citizens of Kosovo interested in being released from Kosovo citizenship must submit their application at the Consulate General in New York. Review of request for the loss of Kosovo's citizenship by release will be made by the Commission for Citizenship at the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Kosovo.

The Citizenship Commission may deny the request for release from citizenship if the applicant is a civil servant, judge, public prosecutor, member of the Kosovo police, member of the Kosovo Security Force or member of the Kosovo Intelligence Agency, or in cases where release from citizenship is contrary to the interests of Kosovo, especially internal security and foreign interests, or international relations of the Republic of Kosovo.