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Travel documents

The General Consulate of the Republic of Kosovo issues one way travel documents for citizens of the Republic of Kosovo when they have lost their passports, have expired or damaged passport, or in other urgent or humanitarian cases.


To be supplied with a one way travel document, applicants must submit the following documents:


1. Application;
2. Police report confirming that the travel document was lost or stolen (if this is your case);
3. Copy of travel document, if possessed, other identification document or birth certificate;
4. Copy of a document confirming place of stay (i.e. Green Card);
5. Copy of a document confirming residence (i.e. Drivers’ license or a bill with your address);
6. Two photographs of passport size;
7. Original copy of proof of payment for this service.

Travel documents are issued within 48 hours from the moment of application. Travel documents are valid for 30 days from the date if issuance.

Once you have completed all documents, you can either apply at the Consulate offices or submit your application by post sending all documents to the Consulate address, with a prepaid 9x12 size envelope including your address, where we should send the travel document.

Travel document in case of deportation – when a Kosovo citizen is being held in a deportation center, the request for a travel document is made by the American authorities, in which case the General Consulate issues a travel document after accepting confirmation of repatriation of the Kosovo citizen by the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Travel document in case of death – when relatives of a deceased want to accompany the body to the Republic of Kosovo, they must ask the Funerals Office to apply for a permit and send the following documents to the General Consulate:

1. Copy of death certificate;
2. An identification document of the Republic of Kosovo (copy of passport, identification or birth certificate);
3. Letter of noncontiguous disease;
4. Letter of embalming from funeral home;
5. Statement that the body is in sealed metal casket;
5. Proof of payment.