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Visas for foreign citizens

The Republic of Kosovo does not apply a visa regime for foreign citizens. A foreign citizen can enter the territory of the Republic of Kosovo by presenting:

- A valid travel document;
- Evidence regarding living expenses during the period of stay;
- Return tickets (for short visits);
- Reason for visiting Kosovo. (Depending on the reason for the visit to Kosovo, additional documents may be required.)

In cases where Kosovo citizens invite foreign citizens on private visits to Kosovo, then the Kosovar citizen must present to the border police ten days before the guest arrives:

- A guarantee letter stamped by the competent Municipal Court.

With regard to business visits the following must be presented:

- Relevant documentation regarding the business that the foreign citizen is developing in Kosovo, or;
- A copy of a business certificate for the local company sending the invitation.

Foreign citizens have the right to stay in Kosovo for 90 days only. After 90 days they must report to the Directorate for Foreigners at the Kosovo Police, and if not, their stay will be considered illegal.

The border police will return a foreign citizen if they have reasonable suspicions regarding their documentation or reason for entering Kosovo.